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     L.     Settlement Charges

700)      Total Sales / Broker’s Commission based on sales price:

     Division of Commission (line 700) as follows:

      701)      $                                  to                                    

      702)      $                                   to                                    

Both of these line items indicate who is receiving the division of the commission paid and how much each one is getting.

703)             Commission paid at Settlement:

The amount entered on this line is the amount of the real estate commission paid by the seller.  It would be the total of lines 701 and 702.  This amount is most often shown in the column titled:  “Paid from Seller’s Funds at Settlement.”

704)             Extra blank line for additional commissions paid. 

800)         Items Payable in Connection With Loan

801)               Loan Origination Fee                          %                                


This is the fee the bank or mortgage company is charging the borrowers for processing and making the mortgage loan.  This fee is a percentage of the loan amount.

      802)      Loan Discount                  %                  

You should have discussed discount points when you discussed the loan application and selecting a lender earlier in this course.  The discount points you agree to pay are shown on this line.  This would be shown in the column labeled “Paid from Borrower’s Funds at Settlement.”  Sometimes the seller will agree to pay discount points, but most often it is a buyer’s expense.

      803)      Appraisal Fee                         to                   

There is most often a charge for an appraisal.  Before you received the approval of your loan, the financial institution or mortgage company had to have an appraisal to determine the fair market value of the house you are buying.  The fee is generally paid by the buyer, unless agreed to differently in the contract.

      804)      Credit Report                     to                   

There is most often a charge for a credit report.  Before the financial institution or mortgage company could approve your loan, they had to determine your credit-worthiness.  The charge for that credit report is shown on this line.  It is most often a buyer’s expense, however, sometimes the seller agrees to pay for this item.

805)             Lender’s Inspection Fee:

If, prior to closing on this loan, there are repair requirements shown in the contract and / or the appraisal, the lender must ascertain that those repairs have been made.  The lender is allowed to charge a fee for it’s time and travel expense.  That fee is shown on this line.  It is generally a buyer’s expense, but the seller may agree to pay the fee prior to closing.

806)             Mortgage Insurance Application Fee:

Most lenders require mortgage insurance on the note and mortgage you are signing when the downpayment is less than 20%.  The collateral for this loan is the home you are buying.  The mortgage insurance protects the lender against financial loss if the mortgage is foreclosed.

807)             Assumption Fee:

If the buyer of this house is not getting a new loan, but is assuming the loan balance of the old mortgage that belongs to the seller, then an assumption fee is allowed to be charged to the buyer.  The financial institution or mortgage company receives this fee.

      808-811)      Extra blank line for additional line items that may be charged at closing.

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