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4467 Some Street

Anytown, USA 61767


September 4, 2000
Justin Time
Last Time
1941 Moving Avenue
Anytown, USA  42643

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Time:

We are please to advise that your mortgage loan application has been approved for a fixed-rate real estate mortgage on the property located at 32048 Residence Plaza, Uptown, USA  62544 subject to the following terms:

            Amount of Loan             $82,850.00

            Term                               30 years

            Interest Rate                     8%

            Commitment Fee             $829.00  

In order to accept this commitment, you must sign and date the original and return it to us on or before September 19, 2000.  This commitment will expire if the loan is not closed under the terms specified by October 9, 2000.

In order to close this transaction, the following document must be furnished to us for review.  Please contact Ms. Getloan about obtaining the following:

            Preliminary Title Report

This commitment is subject to all laws and regulations governing the transaction.

At the established time for closing, please arrange to bring to the closing certified band funds or a cashier’s check for the funds needed to close the transaction.  Make the check payable to Homebuyers Mortgage Company.

Please call me if you have any questions.  Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you.


Vice President

Residential Lending  

I accept the terms as outlined in your letter dated September 4, 2000.  ( Please sign.  Do not print).

Signature________________________________  Date_________________

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