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I/we hearby authorize you to release to ____________________________ or itís assigns the following information for the purpose of verification:

Employment history, dates, titles, hours, income etc.

Banking and savings accounts of record

Mortgage loans (s), landlord rating and payoff information

Any other information deemed necessary in connection with a consumer credit report for transactions which involve real estate.

This information is for the confidential use in compiling a mortgage loan credit file for VA, FHA or conventional home loan.

A photographic or carbon or faxed copy of this authorization being a valid copy of the signature (s) of the undersigned, may be deemed to be the equivalent of the original and may used as a duplicate original.

Further, I/we authorize any depository listed on our loan application to debit our account for the processing fee assessed and the completion of the verification form.

Your prompt reply will help expedite my real estate transaction.


Thank you for your cooperation.

____________________________________            ____________________________________

Signature                                             Date                             Signature                                 Date

____________________________________            ____________________________________

Social Security Number                                                Social Security Number

NOTICE TO BORROWERS: This is notice to you as required by the Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978 that FHA has a right of access to financial records held by financial institutions in connection with the consideration or administration of assistance to you.  Financial records involving your transaction will available to FHA without further notice or authorization but will not be disclosed or released by this institution to another Government Agency or Department without your consent except as required or permitted by law.

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