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Truth in Lending Statement is another document that your lender will generally provide within three days of applying for the loan.  This Statement provides a summary of how your loan will be repaid.  It reflects the APR, total finance charges, the number of payments and their amounts, and the total amount that you will pay in interest and principal over the life of the loan.

Disclosure Statement of Loan (required by Federal Reserve Regulation Z)


BORROWERS:                                                           LENDER:  LOAN NO.                      


PROPERTY ADDRESS:                                                                                                        


Annual Percentage.

Rate.  The cost of

your credit as a

yearly rate.



Finance Charge.

The dollar amount

 the credit will cost.

Amount Financed.

The amount of credit provided to you or on your behalf.


Total of Payments.

The amount you will

have paid after you

have made all payments as scheduled.



*Estimated amounts

You have the right to receive at this time an itemization of the Amount Financed.

                                    I want an itemization                             I do not want an itemization


Your Payment schedule will be:

Number of Payments

Amount of Payments

When Payments are Due























Variable Rate Feature:

            Not Applicable

            My loan contains a variable


Property Insurance:  Property Hazard Insurance from an insurer acceptable to Lender is REQUIRED.

You may obtain property insurance from anyone you want that is acceptable to this institution.  If you get the insurance from                                                              you will pay

$                                  for the term of                          .

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