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1) Name two key factors that a homebuyer should consider in selecting a home.

2) What are four things that a homebuyer should look for in a neighborhood?

3) Identify four resources that are available to assist a homebuyer in finding a house in a specific community.

4) What is sweat equity?

5) Name five things that should be remember while touring a house. Why are they important?

6) Name the two basic types of a real estate representative.

7) Why is a professional home inspection important?

8) What is MLS?

9) List five key things to remember when you are preparing to tour a house.

10) What calculation is used when determining the price home you can afford?

11) Give a brief description of five items that should be included in the purchase agreement.

12) List three factors that should be considered when negotiating an offer to purchase?

13) What are contingencies?

14) What is a counter offer?

15) What is a counter to a counter offer?

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