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Least Important=1 Important=2 Most Important=3

Schools 1 2 3

Day Care 1 2 3


Facilities 1 2 3

Churches 1 2 3

Hospitals 1 2 3

Police Station 1 2 3

Fire Station 1 2 3

Library 1 2 3

Shopping Center 1 2 3

Hardware 1 2 3

Grocery Story 1 2 3

Community Center 1 2 3

Transportation 1 2 3

Zoning 1 2 3

Other (write in things that

are important to you.)

______________________ 1 2 3

______________________ 1 2 3

______________________ 1 2 3

Total Points __________

Once you have finished viewing neighborhoods, total your points and the one with the most points should be the neighborhood of highest consideration.

Selecting A Real Estate Agent

The majority of home sales occur through the services of a real estate representative. There are two basic types: the sellerís agent and the buyerís agent.

Most real estate transactions involve a sellerís agent. Their primary job is to market the home for the seller and find a buyer. The seller enters into a contract with the sellerís agent to sell their home. This creates a business relationship in which the agent is working for the seller. The sellerís agent will also list the property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). MLS is a multiple listing system that provides information on homes currently listed for sale with participating Realtors. The goal of the sellerís agent is to sell the property for the highest price possible. The agentís loyalty is to the seller, with whom he/she has a contract. In some instances, the sellerís agent will also be the buyerís agent.

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