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Utilities: $200.00

Home Maintenance: $300.00 (Includes Insurance & Taxes)

Food: $750.00

Car Insurance: $0.00 (Their car is a business expense, so they pay for the car insurance through the business account.)

1-car/full coverage

Clothing: $300.00

Auto Maintenance: $25.00 (Much of their auto maintenance is charged to the business account.)

Phone: $30.00

Entertainment: $400.00

Gasoline: $25.00 (Most of their driving is deducted as a business expense.)

Medical: $700.00 (Mom Hernandez is on several different and expensive medications.)

She also has to be tested at the clinic every month.

Cash: $400.00

Credit Cards: $200.00

Loan Payment: $300.00 (Car payment)

Child Care: $400.00

Miscellaneous: $200.00

Total Expenses: $4,230.00

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